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survey of canine dirofilariasis in vojvodina, 2006 and 2007, a total of 193 blood samples were collected from privately owned dogs housed predominantly outdoors, resident in four provinces in vojvodina, serbian republic. circulating microfilariae of dirofilaria repens, dirofilaria immitis and acanthocheilonema reconditum were found in 49.2%, 7.2% and 2.1% of dogs, respectively. two additional occult heartworm infections were revealed with an antigen test of 90 amicrofilaraemic dogs. prevalence values were not influenced by sex and breed, ...200818712415
first molecular identification of dirofilaria spp. (onchocercidae) in mosquitoes from serbia.dirofilariosis is a common and widespread veterinary health issue in several european countries with notable zoonotic potential. the causative agents are dirofilaria immitis and dirofilaria repens nematoda species which are transmitted by different mosquito vectors. similar to other mosquito-borne infections, the knowledge about mosquito species involved in disease transmission is crucial for the complex understanding of local transmission cycles. since there is no available data on mosquito spe ...201627193348
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