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letter to the editor: dirofilaria immitis survey in new york state. 19751126172
prevalence of dirofilaria immitis in a stray dog population in western new a survey in 1973 undertaken to determine the prevalence of dirofilaria immitis in 100 dogs from a public pound in western new york, 2 dogs were found to be positive. microfilariae of dipetalonema sp were not present. hearts and pulmonary blood vessels were dissected for adult worms, and blood samples were examined for microfilariae, using a modified knott technique. although adult heartworms and microfilariae have been recovered from wild foxes, coyotes, and wolves in new york, this is the fi ...19751170797
dirofilaria immitis and its potential mosquito vectors in central new york state.screening of 25,822 dog blood samples indicated approximately a 1% infection rate with dirofilaria immitis. dipetalonema reconditum microfilariae were found in approximately 2% of 1,876 feral dogs examined. laboratory experimentation indicated that 6 of 10 local mosquito species examined allowed successful extrinsic incubation of d immitis. indices of experimental infection indicated aedes triseriatus and anopheles quadrimaculatus were excellent hosts for d immitis, but other factors considered, ...197720828
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