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dirofilariasis in iowa coyotes.(dirofilaria immitis) were found in eight of 220 (3.6%) coyotes (canis latrans) collected from fur buyers in adams, carroll, cass, and warren counties in southwestern iowa. infections ranged from one to 23 worms per coyote.1976933306
natural infection of aedes trivittatus (coq) with dirofilaria immitis in central iowa.juveniles identified as dirofilaria immitis were recovered from aedes trivittatus and anopheles punctipennis collected co2-baited cdc light traps in ames, iowa, during 10 days in july and august 1975. ae. trivittatus composed 58.7% of the mosquitoes collected, and d. immitis was recovered from 18 of 393 (4.6%) dissected and from 7 of 31 pools (911 mosquitoes; 0.77%). approximately 1.0% of the ae. trivittatus collected harbored infective-stage juveniles, and as many as 27 were recovered from a si ...19761263039
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