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prevalence, genetic analyses, and risk factors associated with heartworm (dirofilaria immitis) in wild coyotes (canis latrans) from florida, usa.we detected heartworm (dirofilaria immitis) in 37.2% of 212 coyotes ( canis latrans ) collected from 28 counties in florida, us, between february 2010 and april 2014. adult coyotes had a higher prevalence (45.6% of 103) than juveniles (29% of 80), and there was no significant difference in prevalence between adult male and female coyotes. adults demonstrated a higher prevalence of heartworm in northern counties (56% of 91) than in southern counties (23.1% of 121) and a higher prevalence in urban ...201627458831
diagnostic, treatment, and prevention protocols for canine heartworm infection in animal sheltering agencies.the high prevalence of heartworm infection in shelter dogs creates a dilemma for shelter managers, who frequently operate with insufficient funding, staffing, and expertise to comply with heartworm guidelines developed for owned pet dogs. the purpose of this study was to survey canine heartworm management protocols used by 504 animal sheltering agencies in the endemic states of alabama, florida, georgia, and mississippi. open-admission shelters, which tended to be larger and more likely to perfo ...201121353743
diagnostic, treatment, and prevention protocols for feline heartworm infection in animal sheltering agencies.cats are at risk for heartworm infection (dirofilaria immitis) wherever the disease is endemic in dogs. diagnosis is more difficult in cats, and little information is available regarding effective palliative and curative treatments for infected cats. in contrast to the challenges of diagnosis and treatment, chemoprophylaxis is highly effective, and current guidelines call for preventive medications to be administered to all cats in endemic areas. the purpose of this study was to survey feline he ...201121330060
prevalence of dirofilaria immitis, ehrlichia canis, and borrelia burgdorferi in pet dogs, racing greyhounds, and shelter dogs in florida.arthropod vectors of canine infectious diseases are present throughout florida. since crowded housing has the potential to bring vectors and infected dogs into close proximity, it is possible that prevalence of infection is higher in intensely housed dogs. in this study, the seroprevalence of dirofilaria immitis, ehrlichia canis, and borrelia burgdorferi in dogs residing in two types of intensive housing, greyhound kennels and animal shelters, was compared to dogs residing in low-intensity housi ...201020399018
dirofilaria immitis: worm burden and pulmonary artery proliferation in dogs from michigan (united states).despite the ability to prevent heartworm disease, infection with dirofilaria immitis continues to be a major problem for domestic dogs. to determine worm burden in heartworm-positive dogs from three county animal shelters in the state of michigan in the united states and to assess the relationship between gross intimal proliferation and worm burden, necropsy was done on 176 heartworm-positive dogs. adult heartworms were found in the heart and pulmonary artery of 170 of the 176 (96.6%) dogs exami ...200415350667
prevalence and risk factors for heartworm infection in cats from northern florida.necropsies were performed on 630 adult cats in northern florida to determine the prevalence and risk factors for heartworm infection in cats of this region. heartworms were identified in 4.9% of cats, and serological evidence of heartworm exposure was present in 17% of cats. not all cats from which heartworms were recovered were seropositive for heartworm antigen or antibody. there was no association between heartworm infection and co-infection with feline leukemia virus (felv) or feline immunod ...200314736717
[development of dirofilaria immitis leidy 1856 in aedes (stegomyia) aegypti lin. orlando (florida) strain]. 195713489447
incidence of infection of dogs and fleas with dirofilaria immitis in florida. 195413162920
seasonal prevalence of third-stage larvae of dirofilaria immitis in mosquitoes from florida and louisiana.heads of 109,597 mosquitoes collected during 1996 and 1997 from gainesville, florida (1996, n = 39,131; 1997, = 34,209), bartow, florida (1996, n = 12,000; 1997, n = 12,000), and baton rouge, louisiana (1996, n = 12,257) were tested by a polymerase chain reaction and southern hybridization-based test for the presence of third-stage larvae of the canine heartworm dirofilaria immitis. mosquito heads were pooled (1-200 heads) by month, locality, and species for testing. the test used was species sp ...200111318562
susceptibility of geographically distinct aedes aegypti l. from florida to dirofilaria immitis (leidy) the present study, five geographically distinct populations of aedes aegypti l. from various regions of florida were compared for their susceptibilities to dirofilaria immitis (leidy) infection. the populations were from gainesville (north central), jacksonville (north eastern), naples (south western), sarasota (west central), and vero beach (east central). mosquitoes of all the populations had fewer parasites in their malpighian tubules 6 and 13 days after blood feeding compared to the numbe ...200010925796
aedes albopictus (diptera: culicidae): an experimental and natural host of dirofilaria immitis (filarioidea: onchocercidae) in florida, u.s.a.females of an aedes albopictus (skuse) colony from southeastern florida, u.s.a., ingested low (22.9 +/- 3.2 mg/female) and high (243.2 +/- 37.6 mf/female) numbers of microfilariae from a dog infected with dirofilaria immitis (leidy). high mortality of females occurred during the first 4 d after infection regardless of the number of microfilariae ingested; daily mortality was almost negligible during 5-15 d after infection. percentage of survival 15 d after infection was higher (63%) in females t ...199910467770
heartworm (dirofilaria immitis) disease and glomerulonephritis in a black-footed cat (felis nigripes).a 6-yr-old, 1.36-kg, intact female black-footed cat (felis nigripes) was presented to the veterinary medical teaching hospital, university of florida, with a history of depression, lethargy, and anorexia. cardiac dysfunction and renal failure were diagnosed on the basis of antemortem and postmortem findings. at necropsy, heartworms (dirofilaria immitis), glomerulonephritis, and endometritis were present. the glomerulonephritis could have been immune mediated and may have been associated with the ...19989732037
presumptive dirofilariasis in a pale-headed saki monkey (pithecia pithecia).a 6-yr-old male pale-headed saki monkey (pithecia pithecia), born at the dallas zoo, reentered the collection in 1994 after it was housed for 4 yr in rhode island and 2 yr in florida. the monkey tested negative for both dirofilaria immitis microfilariae and d. immitis adult antigens (via commercially available tests) upon return. however, it tested positive for adult antigens 1 yr later, and additional testing, including ultrasonography, suggested a diagnosis of aberrant dirofilariasis. relevant ...19989638626
clinical prophylactic activity of melarsomine dihydrochloride (rm 340) against dirofilaria immitis in heartworm-naive beagles exposed to natural infection in three southeastern states.melarsomine dihydrochloride (rm 340), a drug being developed as an adulticide for treatment of heartworm (dirofilaria immitis) infection in dogs, was safe and highly effective as a clinical prophylactic agent against naturally acquired infections using strategic and tactical treatment programs. the strategic program involved treatment every 4 months (three series of treatments per year), disregarding the mosquito season (ms), to clear the existing infection at each treatment. the tactical progra ...19947879379
prevalence and biology of endosymbionts of fleas (siphonaptera: pulicidae) from dogs and cats in alachua county, florida.a study was conducted to determine the prevalence and biology of endosymbionts in local populations of fleas collected from dogs and cats in alachua co., florida. four hundred three ctenocephalides felis (bouché), 194 pulex simulans baker, and 44 echidnophaga gallinacea (westwood) were examined. fleas were collected from 52 dogs and 51 cats. from 1 to 20 fleas were dissected from each host. a variety of microorganisms and metazoa was observed, including a baculovirus, gram-negative bacteria, ric ...19902280390
physiological basis of host susceptibility of florida mosquitoes to dirofilaria immitis. 1975441
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