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canine heartworm testing in canada: are we being effective?mass testing of dogs in canada for the presence of dirofilaria immitis has been ongoing since 1977. since that time, there have also been changes in the diagnostic tests available to detect the presence of heartworm and changes in the therapy for heartworm, which necessitate a reevaluation of heartworm screening as currently practiced in canada. the principles of evidence-based medicine were used to determine the prevalence of heartworm infection in various dog populations, and the effectiveness ...200011143927
zoonotic deep cutaneous filariasis--three pediatric cases from québec, canada.three rare cases of pediatric québec-based zoonotic filarial nematode deep skin infections were reviewed. these rare cases were processed at our pediatric hospital within the last 6-year period. patient age, travel information, lesional characteristics, systemic findings, serology, histopathology, treatment, and follow-up were gathered from the submitting specimen and the treating physicians. species identification was performed by the parasitic disease branch, division of infectious and tropica ...200818429786
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