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natural infections of dirofilaria immitis in aedes (stegomyia) polynesiensis and aedes (finlaya) samoanus and their implication in human health in samoa.dirofilaria immitis infections were observed in aedes polynesiensis and ae. samoanus in samoa, together with wuchereria bancrofti infections, in a study on sub-periodic bancroftian filariasis during 1978-1980. in the 4 indicator villages, the infection rate in ae. polynesiensis was 0.46% and the infective rate 0.09% (15,223 mosquitoes were dissected). the infection rate in ae. samoanus was 0.20% and the infective rate 0.08% (10,089 dissected). in 45 selected villages throughout the country, ae. ...19921440786
xenomonitoring of wuchereria bancrofti and dirofilaria immitis infections in mosquitoes from american samoa: trapping considerations and a comparison of polymerase chain reaction assays with dissection.entomologic monitoring of filarial infections, xenomonitoring, may have advantages in certain epidemiologic situations to assess the presence of infections in humans. hemalum staining and dissection and polymerase chain reaction (pcr) were compared to determine the filarial infection status of aedes (stegomyia) mosquitoes in american samoa. the overall prevalences of wuchereria bancrofti and dirofilaria immitis infections in ae. polynesiensis were, respectively, 0.16% and 1.06% by dissection and ...200919407123
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