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climate changes implicated for dirofilaria dissemination in slovakia.dirofilariosis is a parasitic disease caused by helminths of the genus dirofilaria. climatic changes are considered to be main risk factors for dirofilariosis spreading. in the slovak republic, canine subcutaneous dirofilariosis was recorded for the first time in 2005. in 2007 the first coordinated research project started to detect possible endemic infections and to determine their magnitude. a total of 984 dogs were examined for the presence of microfilariae within 2007-2008. modified knott te ...200920209820
dirofilaria infections in working dogs in slovakia.a monitoring programme aimed at the diagnosis of subcutaneous dirofilariasis and heartworm disease in working (police and military) dogs in slovakia has been performed during the period of september 2007 to february 2008. in co-operation with the ministry of the interior and the ministry of defence, in total, 710 dogs (591 police dogs and 119 military dogs) were investigated for the presence of microfilariae in blood. all police and military dogs in active service held on the territory of slovak ...201019728899
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