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[endoparasite infection in stray and abandoned dogs in southern switzerland].at their entry into the animal domicile, "la stampa", in lugano (canton tessin), 217 stray dogs and 154 unwanted dogs were examined for infections with intestinal parasites, filariae, babesia and leishmania. the following techniques were used for detection of intestinal parasites: combined sedimentation-flotation, mifc technique and scotch tape adherence test. prevalences of helminth egg excretion in stray dogs and in unwanted dogs, respectively, were as follows: 34% and 22% for trichuris, 17% a ...19957569839
[is dirofilariasis in dogs spreading in south switzerland?].microfilarial infections could be detected by the difil test in 11 (2.2%) of 479 blood samples of clinically asymptomatic dogs from the south of switzerland. dirofilaria repens and d. immitis were identified in 3 (0.6%) and 8 dogs (1.6%), respectively, by the acid phosphatase activity of the microfilariae. 10 dogs with microfilaremia had been abroad or a stay outside switzerland could not be excluded. one dog diagnosed with d. immitis could have had acquired the infection in the canton tessin ac ...19989646715
[canine dirofilariasis in the canton of ticino and in the neighboring areas of northern italy].the distribution of canine dirofilariosis in southern ticino (switzerland) and in the neighbouring provinces of varese and como (italy) was investigated. blood samples were collected from 308 dogs which had remained in the local area and were outdoor-housed, older than 1.5 years and had not been treated previously with preventive or microfilaricidal drugs. microfilariae of dirofilaria immitis and d. repens were found in 33 (10.7%) and 17 (5.5%) dogs, respectively. ten more dogs (3.2%) tested pos ...200111293933
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