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"a most certaine and true relation of a strange monster or serpent found in the left ventricle of the heart of john pennant, gentleman, of the age of 21 years". 1977339428
evaluation of the dirofilaria immitis filarial skin test antigen in the diagnosis of filariasis.conflicting opinions on the value of a skin test in the diagnosis of human filariasis emphasized the need for a careful examination of this procedure. the evaluation was made by asking workers in different countries to use an antigen prepared from dirofilaria immitis in groups of people who could be examined for parasitic one non-endemic area, repeated tests over a 1-year period did not lead to sensitization, but the reactions of individuals varied from test to test. in endemic area ...19714274286
angiostrongylus vasorum and eucoleus aerophilus in foxes (vulpes vulpes) in great britain.the nematode parasite angiostrongylus vasorum is a source of increasing concern in several parts of the world, where it causes significant disease in dogs. wild canids, especially foxes, are likely to have a role in the epidemiology of canine infection, and the parasite could also affect fox health and population dynamics. the heart and pulmonary vasculature of 546 foxes culled mostly by gamekeepers in great britain in 2005-2006 were examined by dissection and a modified flushing technique. fort ...200818407416
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