[dirofilariasis in the moscow region, a low disease transmission risk area].the spread of canine and human dirofilariasis was first studied in the moscow region, a low disease transmission risk area. d.repens infestation was found to have a tendency to increase in moscow residents with the imported cases being predominant. in 33 (84.6%) districts of the moscow region, dogs were registered to have d. immitis and d. repens infestation, with the former being preponderant in 31 districts. an original map of dirofilariasis distribution was compiled with the areas being singl ...201121480551
dirofilaria immitis in a child from the russian immature female worm, dirofilaria immitis, was isolated from the scrotum of a 14-month-old child. this is the first identification of human dirofilariosis caused by d. immitis in a relatively northern region (moscow) of the russian federation. the parasite was diagnosed by means of morphological examination of the worm, confirmed by pcr assay. this case raises questions about the range of the d. immitis distribution among humans in russia. to better understand the geographical distribution of ...201627600944
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