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[tropical eosinophilia in a man from sri lanka].a 21-year-old man from sri lanka came to japan in august 1992 and worked as a painter. he had often complained of dyspnea on exertion before coming to japan. he was admitted to ogaki municipal hospital in june 1993 for further examination of persistent coughing, dyspnea, and fever. a chest x-ray film showed bilateral diffuse reticulonodular shadows. blood examinations revealed marked eosinophilia (9440/mm3) with elevation of the serum ige level (4982 iu/ml). igg enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay ...19969022330
human dirofilariasis caused by dirofilaria (nochtiella) repens in sri lanka.human dirofilariasis due to dirofilaria (nochtiella) repens is a common zoonotic infection in sri lanka. todate 70 cases are on record, and they include 3 expatriates from russia, england and korea, who were undoubtedly infected in sri lanka. around 30-60% of dogs are infected with d. repens in various parts of the country and the mosquito vectors are aedes aegypti, armigeres subalbatus, mansonia uniformis and m. annulifera. unlike in other countries of the old world infection is most common in ...19979802095
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