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outbreaks in quebec pig farms of respiratory and reproductive problems associated with encephalomyocarditis virus.encephalomyocarditis virus (emcv) was isolated from tissues of aborted fetuses and weaned and suckling piglets from 4 different pig farms in quebec. the farms were experiencing reproductive failure in sows of different parities concomitant to respiratory problems in suckling and postweaning piglets. at necropsy, gross lesions were confined to the lung and consisted of pulmonary congestion and edema of various degrees. lesions of multifocal interstitial to proliferative pneumonia were found in th ...19911662074
isolation of encephalomyocarditis virus among stillborn and post-weaning pigs in quebec.encephalomyocarditis (emc) virus was isolated from aborted fetuses and lungs of suckling pigs from three quebec pig farms that experienced outbreaks of reproductive failure in sows and respiratory problems in suckling and post-weaning piglets. multifocal interstitial pneumonia and mild non-suppurative myocarditis and meningoencephalitis were the more significant histopathological lesions observed in piglets. vero cells were found to be more sensitive than bhk-21 cells and pig cell lines for prim ...19911848748
antigenic variant of swine influenza virus causing proliferative and necrotizing pneumonia in pigs.a new antigenic variant of swine influenza virus was isolated from the lungs of pigs experiencing respiratory problems in 7 different swine herds in quebec. pigs of different ages were affected, and the main clinical signs were fever, dyspnea, and abdominal respiration. coughing was not a constant finding of the syndrome. at necropsy, macroscopic lesions included the overall appearance of pale animals, general lymphadenopathy, hepatic congestion, and consolidation of the lungs. histopathologic f ...19921333815
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