[detection of the west nile virus and its genetic typing in ixodid ticks (parasitiformes: ixodidae) in tomsk city and its suburbs].four tick species, ixodes persulcatus, i. pavlovskyi, i. trianguliceps, and dermacentor reticulatus, were found in tomsk and its suburbs in 2006. the species i. pavlovskyi was found to be dominant in the localities situated in tomsk city, and i. persulcatus was dominant in its suburbs. viral rna and viral antigen of the west nile virus (wnv) were detected in the ticks i. pavlovskyi and i. persulcatus collected in the city and its suburbs by the rt pcr method and enzyme immunoassay with monoclona ...200818727366
[the peculiarities of the biology of ticks inhabiting the environs of tomsk city].the presence of ticks ixodes persulcatus and i. pavlovskyi occidentalis is revealed in urban parks and the forests directly adjoined to buildings. i. pavlovskyi occidentalis is found to be the dominant species nearby the city. the both species are occurred almost simultaneously, and the peak of their abundance usually falls on 2nd or 3rd ten-day period of may. in the city the ticks species ceased occurring in registers in the end of may, and in the adjacent forests they disappeared in the end of ...200516316054
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