metazoa parasites of the invasive round goby apollonia melanostoma (neogobius melanostomus) (pallas) (gobiidae: osteichthyes) in the gulf of gdańsk, baltic sea, poland: a comparison with the black sea.the known metazoa parasite fauna of the invasive round goby apollonia melanostoma (formerly neogobius melanostomus) consists of 12 species. the core of the parasite fauna comprises two species: cryptocotyle concavum and diplostomum spathaceum; secondary species are absent; satellite species include cercariae gen. sp. and ergasilus sieboldi; rare species are acanthocephalus lucii, anguillicola crassus, bothriocephalus sp., dichelyne minutus, hysterothylacium aduncum, pomphorhynchus laevis, piscic ...200717048001
colonization of the round goby, neogobius melanostomus (gobiidae) by parasites in the new environment of the gulf of gdańsk (southern baltic).the round goby (neogobius melanostomus) is a non-indigenous species in the baltic sea, introduced to its waters (the gulf of gdańsk) from the black, azov, and caspian seas. for this reason, an attempt was made to determine the species' parasitic fauna in its new environment. within 1994-2000, a total of 201 round goby specimens caught in the gulf of gdańsk were examined. the parasites found represented protozoans (trichodina domerguei domerguei), digeneans (diplostomum spp. metacercariae), cesto ...200216888941
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