[a study on the helminth fauna linked to seasonal changes and size of the fish host, leuciscus cephalus l., from lake dam orenler, afyonkarahisar].in this study, the presence of helminths on 103 leuciscus cephalus from the orenler dam lake, turkey was investigated from july 2007 to may 2008. five parasite species were found in the host fish: of these species dactylogyrus vistuale was found in the gills (42.7%, 10.6+/-14.8 parasite/fish), diplostomum sp. in the lens of eyes (12.6%, 4.1+/-4.0), bothriocephalus acheilognathi in the intestine (23.3%, 4.8+/-10.4), ligula intestinalis in the body cavity (12.6%, 2.1+/-1.2), and pomphorhynchus lae ...200919851976
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