the occurrence of fascioloides magna and fasciola hepatica together in the livers of naturally infected cattle in south texas, and the incidence of the flukes in cattle, white-tailed deer, and feral hogs. 19725078583
wild rabbits as reservoir hosts of the common liver fluke, fasciola hepatica, in southern texas. 194818856293
hexachloroethane-bentonite suspension for controlling the common liver fluke, fasciola hepatica, in cattle in the gulf coast region of texas. 194720268037
longevity of metacercariae of fasciola hepatica on pastures in the upper coastal region of texas and its relationship to liver fluke control. 194720284982
parasites of the collared peccary from texas.results of a survey of the parasites of the collared peccary (dicotyles tajacu angulatus) in texas are presented. three ectoparasites, amblyomma cajennense, dermacentor variabilis, and pulex porcinus were very common on peccaries from south texas, but less common or absent in arid west texas. sucking lice, pecaroecus javalii, were common on peccaries from west texas, but were not found in south texas. the known range of this louse in texas is extended into the big bend area. two ticks, amnblyomm ...197016509125
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