suitability of six lymnaeid snails for infection with fasciola hepatica.the suitability of fossaria (bakerilymnaea) cubensis and pseudosuccinea columella from louisiana as intermediate hosts for fasciola hepatica was compared to p. columella and stagnicola elodes from ann arbor, mi, s. attenuata from hidalgo, mexico, lymnaea gedrosiana from iran and l. natalensis from senegal. p. columella from la was shown to be a more suitable host (51.3% became infected) than f. (b.) cubensis (15.2% and 26.4% of two populations became infected). the infection rate for p. columell ...19873617426
fasciolosis in cattle in louisiana. ii. development of a system to use soil maps in a geographic information system to estimate disease risk on louisiana coastal marsh rangeland.a geographic information system (gis) model of habitat for lymnaea bulimoides, the snail intermediate host of fasciola hepatica and the rumen fluke, calicophoron microbothrioides, on the chenier plain of southwest louisiana was revised to incorporate broad (greater than 100 m) chenier (relict beaches) along with adjacent marsh and transitional soils associated with spatial distribution of l. bulimoides habitat. the proportion of farmland comprised of soils of the gis model coincided with actual ...19938493767
effect of gastrointestinal nematode and liver fluke infections on weight gain and reproductive performance of beef heifers.spring born, crossbred beef heifers (n=372) were utilized over four years to measure reductions in body weights, reproductive performance and calf weights caused by gastrointestinal nematodes (primarily ostertagia ostertagi) and the bovine liver fluke (fasciola hepatica) and to differentiate losses attributable to each type of parasitism. each year, weaned heifers were allotted to one of the four treatment regimens: group 1, untreated controls; group 2, treated for nematodes; group 3, treated fo ...200212127252
fascioliasis in cattle in louisiana: development of a system to predict disease risk by climate, using the thornthwaite water budget.a system correlating climate with the annual risk of fascioliasis in cattle in central louisiana was developed, using the thornthwaite water budget and a 6-year data base that included records on herd prevalence rates, transmission to fluke-free sentinel calves, and snail population dynamics. the system developed was compared with modifications of the wet-day and mt forecasting systems previously developed for use in the oceanic climate zone of western europe. the wet-day system correlated poorl ...19873631704
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