investigation of antibodies against fasciola hepatica in moose alces americana.a serological investigation was carried out to check the presence of antibodies against fasciola hepatica in a collection of 125 sera moose alces americana killed in the province of quebec. as revealed by hemagglutination tests, two moose had titers suggesting contact with this parasite.1979476552
common-source outbreak of acute infection due to the north american liver fluke metorchis conjunctus.we investigated an outbreak of acute clinical illness among 19 people who ate raw fish (sashimi) prepared from the white sucker, catostomus commersoni, caught in a river north of montreal, canada.19968544550
seasonal variations in egg passage of fasciola hepatica in dairy cows in quebec.seasonal changes in fasciola hepatica egg passage were documented in 17 dairy herds in portneuf county, quebec (canada). egg passage was low or absent in spring and summer but rose in autumn to reach a peak in winter, then subsequently returned to low levels. this study suggests that there are two periods of transmission to the bovine host during the grazing season: a minor period in the spring, due to overwintered snails, and a major period in august and september due to snails that acquired th ...19863564330
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