first report of lymnaea cousini jousseaume, 1887 naturally infected with fasciola hepatica (linnaeus, 1758) (trematoda: digenea) in machachi, ecuador.we report the first finding of lymnaea cousini naturally infected with fasciola hepatica in ecuador. a sample of 70 snails was collected in april 2005 from a wetland located in a valley at approximately 3000 m a.s.l., near the locality of machachi, pichincha province. the prevalence of natural infection in l. cousini was 31.43%, which is the highest value ever recorded for naturally infected lymnaeid species.200616410961
is galba schirazensis (mollusca, gastropoda) an intermediate host of fasciola hepatica (trematoda, digenea) in ecuador?fasciolosis is a widely distributed disease in livestock in south america but knowledge about the epidemiology and the intermediate hosts is relatively scarce in ecuador. for three months, lymnaeid snails were sampled (n = 1482) in pichincha province at two sites located in a highly endemic area. snails were identified (based on morphology and its-2 sequences) and the infection status was established through microscopic dissection and a multiplex polymerase chain reaction (pcr)-based technique. ...201728664841
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