clinical findings among 62 thais with cholangiocarcinoma.cholangiocarcinoma, a malignancy of the biliary duct system, tends to grow slowly and to infiltrate the walls of the ducts, dissecting along tissue planes and leading to biliary tract obstruction. in a retrospective case review, 62 cases diagnosed with cholangiocarcinoma between january 1997 and december 2001 at the king chulalongkorn memorial hospital in bangkok were studied. the most commonly observed clinical symptoms and signs were fever (96.8%), abdominal pain (87.1%) and malaise or weaknes ...200312631312
nutritional health and parasitic infection of rural thai women of the child bearing age.the nutritional and health status of non-pregnant women of child bearing age from 20 villages of two districts in maha sarakham province, approximately 500 km northeast of bangkok, were investigated in april 1987. about 12 per cent of the studied women had a body mass index below 18.7 which is used as a cut-off point of being undernourished. fat stores and muscle mass were smaller when compared to western females. only two per cent of the women investigated had low serum albumin, indicating a se ...19938228709
nitrate and nitrite in saliva and urine of inhabitants of areas of low and high incidence of cholangiocarcinoma in thailand.cholangiocarcinoma is one of the main liver diseases in northeast thailand. associations with exposure to liver fluke and n-nitrosodimethylamine in formation of the tumour have been demonstrated in animals. this study was carried out to compare possible endogenous formation of n-nitroso compounds in inhabitants of areas with low and high incidences of cholangiocarcinoma by examining the levels of nitrate and nitrite in their saliva and urine. thirty-two subjects (16 males and 16 females) living ...19846099830
[intestinal helminths in bangkok stray dogs and their role in public health (author's tranls)].feces examination of 107 stray dogs in bangkok, thailand, on intestinal helminths showed the following rates: hookworms 100%, trichuris vulpis 54.2%, toxocara canis 6.5%, gnathostoma spinigerum 2.8%, spirocerca lupi 17.8%, diphyllobothrium mansoni 1.9%, and opisthorchis viverrini 1.9%. out of these species hockworms (especially a. braziliense), t. canis, g. spinigerum, and d. mansoni are important sources of human cutaneous or visceral larva migrans, the latter two being special parasites of the ...19807435002
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