co-infection with opisthorchis viverrini and haplorchis taichui detected by human fecal examination in chomtong district, chiang mai province, thailand.diseases caused by the liver fluke, opisthorchis viverrini and the minute intestinal fluke, haplorchis taichui, are clinically important, especially in the northeast and north regions of thailand. it is often difficult to distinguish between these trematode species using morphological methods due to the similarity of their eggs and larval stages both in mixed and co-infections. a sensitive, accurate, and specific detection method of these flukes is required for an effective epidemiological contr ...201222047704
prevalence of infection and molecular confirmation by using its-2 region of fasciola gigantica found in domestic cattle from chiang mai province, investigate the infection of fasciola gigantica (f. gigantica) in domestic cattle from chiang mai province and molecular confirmation using its-2 region.201424507641
intestinal parasitic infections in hill-tribe schoolchildren in chiang mai, northern thailand.we surveyed intestinal parasitic infections in hill-tribe schoolchildren residing permanently in chiang mai province. the positive rate, of 403 stool specimens examined using the formalin-ether sedimentation technique, was 48.9%. no significant difference between male (50.8%) and female (47.1%) students was found for the infection. the most common protozoa was entamoeba coli (40.9%), followed by giardia lamblia (14.9%). the most common helminth was hookworm (13.4%), followed by ascaris lumbricoi ...200319230577
epidemiology of opisthorchiasis and national control program in thailand.opisthorchiasis is a disease caused by opisthorchis trematode commonly known as liver fluke. in thailand opisthorchis viverrini is the only parasite of opisthorchiasis, the first case of opisthorchiasis was reported in 1911 by leiper from the autopsy of corpse in chiang mai. later on sadun in 1953, harinasuta and vajjarasthira in 1961, and wykoff in 1965 had demonstrated a complete life cycle of o. viverrini. history of opisthorchiasis control has dated back to 1950 as a small scale helminthiosi ...19989886122
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