mitochondrial dna sequence and gene order of the sri lankan schistosoma nasale is affiliated to the african/indian group.a 1.9 kb nucleotide sequence of part of the mitochondrial (mt) genome covering the cox1-trnt-rrnl-trnc-rrns region, and the order of the remaining mitochondrial protein-coding genes for s. nasale of sri lankan origin, has been determined for analysis of the possible placement of this species in the genus schistosoma. the gene order of this species is similar to that of the african and indian schistosoma species, but strikingly different from the east asian species. analysis of an alignment of th ...200818585476
[the large island--impressions of a medical parasitological trip to madagascar].the course of an investigation trip through madagascar is sketched. it allowed to analyze the parasitological situation. it is explained with the sociological and economical facts and the unusual fauna of this island. the two biggest problems are malaria tropica and schistosomatosis (bilharziasis). further, ancylostoma, ascaris, taeniids, and wuchereria occur. plague is rare. fasciola gigantica has been introduced since short time only. introduction of other parasites must be feared. sleeping il ...19817235291
[diagnosis of a blood hypereosinophilia]. 19694389018
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