evaluation of anaplasma phagocytophilum infection in experimentally inoculated sheep and determination of anaplasma spp seroprevalence in 8 free-ranging sheep flocks in california and evaluate disease progression in sheep experimentally inoculated with anaplasma phagocytophilum and determine the anaplasma spp seroprevalence in sheep in free-ranging flocks in the sierra nevada foothills and oregon coast range.201222738055
zoonotic vector-borne bacterial pathogens in california mountain lions (puma concolor), 1987-2010.sera collected from 442 mountain lions in 48 california counties between the years of 1987 and 2010 were tested using immunofluorescence assays and agglutination tests for the presence of antibodies reactive to yersinia pestis, francisella tularensis, bartonella henselae, borrelia burgdorferi, and anaplasma phagocytophilum antigens. data were analyzed for spatial and temporal trends in seropositivity. seroprevalences for b. burgdorferi (19.9%) and b. henselae (37.1%) were relatively high, with t ...201222925024
differential exposure to anaplasma phagocytophilum in rodent species in northern california.anaplasma phagocytophilum is a zoonotic tick-borne rickettsial pathogen that causes granulocytic anaplasmosis (ga) in humans, horses, and dogs. in california, dusky-footed woodrats (neotoma fuscipes) are a putative reservoir host, and ixodes pacificus is a vector for transmission from rodents to humans, dogs, and horses. cases are clustered in coastal and sierra nevada foothill regions, but not necessarily in proximity to infected woodrats. this study was designed to compare exposures and active ...200818047398
evidence of multiple zoonotic agents in a wild rodent community in the eastern sierra nevada.this study aimed to describe the occurrence of yersinia pestis, rickettsia rickettsii, anaplasma phagocytophilum, and ectoparasites in a wild rodent community in the eastern sierra nevada. from may to september 2006, rodents were live-trapped, examined for ectoparasites, and blood was collected. all rodents were serologically tested for antibodies to y. pestis, r. rickettsii, and a. phagocytophilum; in addition, blood samples and ectoparasites were tested by pcr to detect the presence of these z ...200818689664
granulocytic ehrlichiosis and tick infestation in mountain lions in california.forty-seven mountain lions (puma concolor) collected year-round in 1996 to 1998 from the sierra nevada foothills, the northern coast ranges, and in monterey county (california, usa) were examined for infestation with ixodes pacificus and dermacentor variabilis ticks. ticks were found predominantly in winter and spring. the seroprevalence of granulocytic ehrlichiae (ge) antibodies (ehrlichia equi or the agent of human granulocytic ehrlichiosis) was 17% and the pcr-prevalence of dna characteristic ...199910574529
association of ixodes pacificus (acari: ixodidae) with the spatial and temporal distribution of equine granulocytic ehrlichiosis in california.this study was conducted to determine if the biology of certain ticks associated with horses regulates the spatial and temporal distribution of equine granulocytic ehrlichiosis (ege) in california north of monterey county. we compared the spatial and temporal distribution of ege cases with the seasons of activity and life histories of ticks that infest horses. spatially, cases collected from equine veterinarians clustered around each other in a manner different from the way in which control citi ...199910534948
serologic evidence of infection with ehrlichia spp. in wild rodents (muridae: sigmodontinae) in the united states.rodent (muridae: sigmodontinae) blood and sera collected from 14 states were tested for seroreactivity to a cultured isolate of the human granulocytic ehrlichiosis (hge) agent by using an indirect immunofluorescence assay. of the 1,240 samples tested, 136 (11%) were found to be reactive at titers of > or = 32. rodents with hge agent-specific antibodies were found in new york (23% of 491 samples; geometric mean endpoint titer [gmt] = 441), connecticut (11% of 100 samples; gmt = 481), california ( ...19989508298
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