[population dynamics of rhipicephalus pusillus gil collado, 1938 (acarina, ixodidae) in 1986-1987 in south-eastern spain: modelling of the biological cycle].the evolution of the rhipicephalus pusillus population, a parasite of the european wild rabbit, oryctolagus cuniculus, is studied in a locality of the province of granada (spain), in 1986-1987. the moving average technique was applied to the sampling data (358 hosts), for each stage of the postembryonic cycle. this technique permitted us, together with the habitual usage of the statistics, to understand in a more complete manner, the evolution of daily changes which affect the average number of ...19892596808
ectoparasites of the endangered iberian lynx lynx pardinus and sympatric wild and domestic carnivores in spain.ectoparasites can cause important skin disorders in animals and can also transmit pathogens. the iberian lynx lynx pardinus has been stated to be the most endangered felid in the world and such vector-borne pathogens may threaten its survival. we surveyed 98 wild carnivores (26 iberian lynxes, 34 red foxes vulpes vulpes, 24 egyptian mongooses herpestes ichneumon, 11 common genets genetta genetta, two eurasian badgers meles meles, one polecat mustela putorius) and 75 domestic but free-ranging car ...200717897365
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