high rates of n2 fixation by unicellular diazotrophs in the oligotrophic pacific ocean.the availability of nitrogen is important in regulating biological productivity in marine environments. deepwater nitrate has long been considered the major source of new nitrogen supporting primary production in oligotrophic regions of the open ocean, but recent studies have showed that biological n2 fixation has a critical role in supporting oceanic new production. large colonial cyanobacteria in the genus trichodesmium and the heterocystous endosymbiont richelia have traditionally been consid ...200415329721
modeled contributions of three types of diazotrophs to nitrogen fixation at station aloha.a diagnostic model based on biomass and growth was used to assess the relative contributions of filamentous nonheterocystous trichodesmium and unicellular cyanobacteria, termed groups a and b, to nitrogen fixation at the north pacific station aloha over a 2-year period. average (and 95% confidence interval, ci) annual rates of modeled monthly values for trichodesmium, group b and group a were 92 (52), 14 (4) and 12 (8) mmol n per m(2) per year, respectively. the fractional contribution to modele ...200718043668
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