population and trophic dynamics of trichodesmium thiebautii in the se lagoon of new caledonia. comparison with t. erythraeum in the sw lagoon.while trichodesmium erythraeum is prevalent in the semi-closed sw lagoon of new caledonia, t. thiebautii is dominant in the more open se lagoon. this led to the comparison of the two species from the results of two high-frequency surveys focused on t. erythraeum (rodier and le borgne, 2008) and t. thiebautii (the present paper). (1) environmental conditions and triggers of the blooms are the same: calm weather and/or temperature >26 degrees c, and temporary nutrient inputs are required for both; ...201020638692
detection of ciguatoxin-like and paralysing toxins in trichodesmium spp. from new caledonia lagoon.marine pelagic cyanobacteria trichodesmium are widespread in the new caledonia lagoon. blooms of these oscillatoriales are suspected to be a potential source of toxins in the ciguatera food chain and were previously reported to contain certain types of paralysing toxins. in the present study, toxicity experiments were conducted on lipid- and water-soluble extracts of freeze-dried samples of these cyanobacteria. lipid-soluble fractions revealed a ciguatoxin-like activity in both in vivo (mouse bi ...201020638088
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