diarrhoeal disorders of bacterial origin in jakarta.during a 21-month period from april 1974 to february 1976, 948 children with gastroenteritis were studied. aetiologic agents were identified in 43% of these patients. isolates were identified as follows: v. cholera el tor, 273 (67%); salmonella enteritidis, 64 (16%); enteropathogenic e. coli, 28 (7%); shigella, 28 (7%); vibrio (nag), 9 (2%): and v. parahaemolyticus, 7,2%). gastroenteritis with dehydration is a serious continuing pediatric problem in jakarta, constituting 30% of admissions to sum ...1977351819
chloramphenicol resistant strains in salmonellosis in jakarta.during an observation period of 20 months (from january 1978 to september 1979) 123 children with clinically suspected salmonellosis were admitted to the department of pediatrics, 70 males and 53 females varying in age from 17 days to 14 years. s. typhi or s. enteriditis was isolated from the stool, urine, blood or cerebrospinal fluid in 85% (105/123) of the cases. the results of the microbiologic examination showed that 28 out of the 105 cases (27%) were resistant to chloramphenicol of which th ...19807013096
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