salmonella in broiler chickens in thailand with special reference to contamination of retail meat with salmonella enteritidis.the present study was performed to assess the prevalence of salmonella in chickens in thailand. in 1997, 22 serovars of salmonella were isolated from 72 of 100 chicken meat samples purchased from 10 retail markets in bangkok and 20 of 200 chicken meat samples from one slaughterhouse for export and 19 of 285 chicken feces obtained from three farms located in the east region of thailand. the most predominant serovar was s. enteritidis, which was isolated from 28% of the retail chicken meat, 4.5% o ...19989853305
demographic data on salmonella enteritidis infection in thailand, 1990-1995.the data for the comprehensive analysis of salmonella enteritidis infection was based on the information recorded in the request form submitted for salmonella typing and the results of serotyping at the who national salmonella and shigella center, department of medical sciences, ministry of public health, thailand during 1990-1995. fifty-one cases of s. enteritidis (se) infection were confirmed in 1990. the morbidity being markedly increased each year from 1991 to 1995, with 105, 307, 471, 659 a ...19979656401
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