[the aerobic intestinal flora of the microchiropteran bat chaerephon pumila in madagascar].from stools of 88 malagasy insect eater bats chaerephon pumila, a large amount of bacterial strains were isolated. twenty different species were recognized, most of them belonged to enterobacteriaceae family. eight strains were identified as salmonella enterica subsp. enterica o48: -; 1.5, despite many atypical characters. strains of salmonella enteritidis, koserella trabulsii, kluyvera sp., odc negative serratia marcescens, atypical hafnia alvei... were also identified.19883240566
an outbreak of salmonellosis following consumption of monkey outbreak of salmonellosis due to consumption of monkey meat is reported among nine patients of whom one died. s. enteritidis phage type 8 was cultured from the stools of four patients. the spread of salmonellosis due to the consumption of monkey meat has not been reported before.19921495128
report of the bacteriological findings following an epidemic of salmonella enteritidis in a small ship. 19676046983
screening for anti-infective properties of several medicinal plants of the mauritians flora.several plants of the mauritian flora alleged to possess anti-infective properties were studied against different strains of pathogenic bacteria and fungi. the grounded dried plant materials were extracted with different extractants and screened for anti-microbial activity using the disk diffusion and the micro-dilution techniques. preliminary screening revealed that the methanol extracts were most active. salmonella enteritidis, enterobacter cloacae and bacillus subtilis were the three test org ...200717011733
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