recurrent meningitis due to salmonella enteritidis: a case report from kashmir india.recurrent bacterial meningitis in children is potentially life-threatening and induces psychological trauma to the patients through repeated hospitalization. here we report a case of recurrent meningitis in a one month old baby. the csf and blood culture grew salmonella enteritidis. injection ciprofloxacin and ceftriaxone were given for 3 weeks. baby became symptomatically better and was afebrile at discharge. twenty eight days after discharge baby got readmitted with complaints of fever and ref ...201323183477
molecular epidemiology and in vitro antimicrobial susceptibility of salmonella isolated from poultry in kashmir.a total of 480 samples, comprising 429 faecal samples from healthy adult birds and 51 tissue samples from dead birds, were collected from four government poultry farms in the kashmir valley from september 2007 to april 2008. in all, 33 salmonella isolates were obtained. of these, 28 (84.85%) isolates were salmonella gallinarum, 3 (9.09%) were salmonella enteritidis and the remaining 2 (6.06%) were salmonella typhimurium. all the isolates harboured the inva, sefa, stn and spvc virulence-specific ...201021309466
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