distribution of salmonella serovars and antimicrobial susceptibility of salmonella enteritidis from poultry in zimbabwe.a study was carried out to determine the distribution and antimicrobial susceptibility profiles of salmonella serovars from chickens from large-scale commercial (lsc), small-scale commercial (ssc), and rural free-range (rfr) farms of zimbabwe. pooled cloacal swabs were collected for culture and isolation of salmonella spp. a chi-square test was used to assess distribution differences of salmonellas among the farming sectors. approximately 10% (283/2833) of the swabs were positive for salmonella ...201222515540
salmonella enteritidis diarrhoea in harare, zimbabwe.the study was conducted to determine the prevalence of salmonella enteritidis diarrhoea in an urban area in zimbabwe. stool specimens from people of all ages presenting at primary level health centres in harare were investigated for s. enteritidis and other bacterial and parasitic enteric pathogens. the first 46 s. enteritidis isolates were phage-typed, and all isolates were tested for susceptibility to ampicillin (10 microg), chloramphenicol (30 microg), cotrimoxazole (25 microg), tetracycline ...200010964273
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