[salmonella food poisoning treated at the infectious disease clinic, institute of internal medicine, medical academy, in cracow 1983-1986].in the years 1983-1986 in the department of infectious diseases medical academy in cracow 189 adult patients were treated for salmonellosis. a significant rise was noted in the number of cases in recent years. the most frequent pathogen was salmonella enteritidis. the clinical pattern of salmonellosis was similar to that described in preceding years. the disease was associated with increased urea level and decreased sodium level in serum, appearance of young cell forms in white blood cell count, ...19892616807
clinical presentation of extraintestinal infections caused by non-typhoid salmonella serotypes among patients at the university hospital in cracow during an 7-year period.the most characteristic finding in non-typhoid salmonella (nts) infection is acute food related outbreaks of gastroenteritis, which is usually benign and self-limiting. however, more serious extraintestinal findings, such as bacteraemia and focal infections localized to any organ may appear. the objective of this paper is to describe the most important characteristic of the extraintestinal infections due to nts serotypes observed in university hospital, in cracow between january 2000 and decembe ...200818610655
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