the incidence rate of bacterial food poisonings in the lublin province in the years 1976-1998.the aim of the paper was to analyse the bacterial poisonings in the lublin province in the years 1976-1998. the analysis was based on the archive materials of the regional unit for control of epidemics and hygiene promotion in lublin. to illustrate the discussed issues the exemplifying bacterial food poisonings in closed mass nutrition institutions in 1990 were examined. the studies revealed that the bacterial food poisonings were most frequently caused by salmonella enteritidis and one of the b ...200416146109
[antimicrobial susceptibility and phage types of salmonella enteritidis strains isolated in the lublin area].the study aimed at specifying the value of two traditional methods of typing, using the collection of 241 strains of salmonella enteritidis isolated from people and animals in the lublin area in 1994-1995 from the occasional cases of infections. there were 8 phage types identified among the examined strains. phage types pt 6 (40.24% of strains) and pt 7 (29.46%) were the most numerous ones. salmonella enteritidis was numbered among 38 profiles on the basis of the analysis of resistance to 15 ant ...200312926329
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