an outbreak of salmonella enteritidis infections linked to a restaurant in riga, august 2006. 200617213541
multi-country outbreak of salmonella enteritidis infection linked to the international ice hockey april 2015, finnish public health authorities alerted european union member states of a possible multi-country salmonella enteritidis outbreak linked to an international youth ice-hockey tournament in latvia. the european centre for disease prevention and control (ecdc), finnish and latvian authorities initiated an outbreak investigation to identify the source. the investigation included a description of the outbreak, retrospective cohort study, microbiological investigation and trace-back. w ...201728610640
multinational outbreak of salmonella enteritidis infection during an international youth ice hockey competition in riga, latvia, preliminary report, march and april 2015.a multinational outbreak of salmonellosis linked to the riga cup 2015 junior ice-hockey competition was detected by the finnish health authorities in mid-april and immediately notified at the european union level. this prompted an international outbreak investigation supported by the european centre for disease prevention and control. as of 8 may 2015, seven countries have reported 214 confirmed and suspected cases, among which 122 from finland. the search for the source of the outbreak is ongoi ...201526027481
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