prevalence, antimicrobial resistance and relation to indicator and pathogenic microorganisms of salmonella enterica isolated from surface waters within an agricultural landscape.during a 12 month period (june 2007-may 2008), the prevalence and susceptibility of salmonella serovars and their relation to specific pathogenic and indicator bacteria in river and coastal waters was investigated. a total of 240 water samples were collected from selected sites in acheron and kalamas rivers and the ionian sea coast in north western greece. the samples were analyzed for salmonella spp., listeria spp., campylobacter spp., escherichia coli o157, staphylococci, pseudomonas spp., tot ...201322901425
molecular epidemiology and antibiotic resistance patterns of salmonella enterica from southwestern greece.a study was conducted at the university hospital of patras between january 2002 and december 2003 to investigate antibiotic resistance patterns and clonality of salmonella enterica in southwestern greece.200717934258
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