a food-borne outbreak caused by salmonella enteritidis.this study was designed to define the epidemiology of a food-borne outbreak caused by salmonella enteritidis that affected only one squadron of a military battalion located in the vicinity of the city of edirne in turkey. the outbreak was analyzed by a standard surveillance form of the centers for disease control and prevention. the relationship between the eaten foods and cases was analyzed by fisher's exact chi-square test, and odds ratios were calculated by a case-control study. the outbreak ...200312728457
[investigation of antitumorigenic effects of food-borne non-pathogenic and pathogenic salmonella enterica strains on mef, du145 and hela cell lines].basic applications in cancer therapy may fail to eradicate cancer cells completely, they can show toxic affects to healthy cells and development of resistance to antitumor agents may increase tendency to metastasis. bacterial therapies have the advantage of specific targetting of tumors by selective toxicity, responsiveness to external signals, self-propelling capacity, and the sense of microenvironment. the most interest on the bacterial cancer therapy is about salmonella spp. with a special em ...201627525394
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