[investigation of salmonella serotype enteritidis isolates by plasmid profile analysis and pulsed field gel electrophoresis.]in this study a total of 122 salmonella serotype enteritidis stock strains selected from the culture collection of enterobacteriaceae laboratory of ankara university faculty of medicine, department of medical microbiology, were investigated by plasmid profile analysis with the method defined by kado and liu and pulsed field gel electrophoresis (pfge) according to world health organization protocols using spei and xbai macrorestriction enzymes, for better understanding of the molecular epidemiolo ...201121644064
plasmid profiles and randomly amplified polymorphic dna analysis of salmonella enterica serotype enteritidis strains from outbreaks and sporadic cases in turkey.the aim of the study was to investigate the characteristics of salmonella serotype enteritidis strains isolated from outbreaks and sporadic cases in turkey by plasmid profiles and randomly amplified polymorphic dna (rapd) patterns. a total of 64 s. enteritidis clinical strains were selected from the culture collection of the enterobacteria laboratory of ankara university medical school department of microbiology and clinical microbiology for molecular analysis using the plasmid profiles and rapd ...200617201091
drug resistance of salmonella strains isolated from community infections in ankara, turkey, 1993-99.160 salmonella strains were isolated from children at the paediatrics department of ankara university. 48.1% of the isolates were salmonella enteritidis, 41.9% salmonella typhimurium and 10% other serotypes. for the analysis of data, the study period was divided into 2 periods: 1993-95 and 1996-99. a decline in the isolation rate of s. typhimurium (from 63.1% to 30.1%) and rapid rise in s. enteritidis (from 31.6% to 57.3) was observed during the review period. however, for s. typhimurium isolate ...200111450860
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