characterisation of community acquired non-typhoidal salmonella from bacteraemia and diarrhoeal infections in children admitted to hospital in nairobi, sub-saharan africa community-acquired non-typhoidal salmonella (nts) is a major cause of high morbidity and death among children under 5 years of age especially from resource poor settings. the emergence of multidrug resistance is a major challenge in treatment of life threatening invasive nts infections in these settings.200617173674
invasive multidrug-resistant non-typhoidal salmonella infections in africa: zoonotic or anthroponotic transmission?in africa, multidrug-resistant non-typhoidal salmonellae (nts) are one of the leading causes of morbidity and high mortality in children under 5 years of age, second in importance only to pneumococcal disease. the authors studied nts isolates from paediatric admissions at two hospitals in nairobi, kenya, and followed the index cases to their homes, where rectal swabs and stools from parents and siblings, and from animals in close contact, were obtained. the majority of nts obtained from cases we ...200616585646
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