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revisiting amebiasis. 200111228009
the electrophoretic isoenzyme patterns of strains of entamoeba histolytica isolated in two major cities in canada.the isoenzyme patterns of 92 isolates of entamoeba histolytica from british columbia and 28 from ontario were determined. seropositivity for e. histolytica was assessed by indirect hemagglutination and enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay in the one center and by elisa and amebic gel diffusion in the other. in both british columbia and ontario nonpathogenic zymodemes i and iii were most common. a newly described isoenzyme pattern was identified in ontario. only 9 of 120 zymodeme patterns identified ...19872889385
intestinal parasitic infections in homosexual men: prevalence, symptoms and factors in a controlled study 67.5% of 200 homosexual men but only 16% of 100 heterosexual men were found to be infected with intestinal parasites. entamoeba histolytica was isolated from 27% of the homosexual and 1% of the heterosexual men, and giardia lamblia was isolated from 13% of the homosexual and 3% of the heterosexual men. the presence of symptoms could not be correlated with infection except when the infection was caused by more than one organism, including g. lamblia. symptoms were much more ...19807437971
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