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white-spot syndrome virus (wssv) introduction into the gulf of mexico and texas freshwater systems through imported, frozen bait-shrimp.we analysed 20 boxes of, frozen imported bait-shrimp (china: parapenaeopsis sp. and metapenaeopsis sp.) and 8 boxes of native, frozen bait-shrimp (gulf of mexico: litopenaeus setiferus and farfantepenaeus duorarum) by rt-pcr or pcr for taura syndrome virus (tsv), yellowhead virus/gill-associated virus (yhv/gav), white-spot syndrome virus (wssv) and infectious hypodermal and hematopoietic necrosis virus (ihhnv). all 28 boxes of shrimp were negative for tsv, yhv/gav and ihhnv; 2 boxes of imported ...200616956056
characterization of a taura syndrome virus isolate originating from the 2004 texas epizootic in cultured shrimp.a comprehensive investigation of the taura syndrome virus (tsv) isolate that caused epizootics in shrimp farms in texas in 2004 (texas isolate) revealed that this virus was more virulent in laboratory bioassays than the tsv reference isolate, hawaii 1994, causing severe symptom development and rapid mortality. histopathology of moribund animals demonstrated epithelial necrosis within the stomach, appendages, general body cuticle and gills, and the surviving animals demonstrated moderate to numer ...201020049618
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