isolation and characterization of beneficial bacteria associated with citrus roots in florida.cultivable diversity of bacteria associated with citrus was investigated as part of a larger study to understand the roles of beneficial bacteria and utilize them to increase the productive capacity and sustainability of agro-ecosystems. citrus roots from huanglongbing (hlb) diseased symptomatic and asymptomatic citrus were used in this study. a total of 227 and 125 morphologically distinct colonies were isolated and characterized from hlb asymptomatic and symptomatic trees, respectively. we obs ...201121360139
microbial degradation of microcystin in florida's freshwaters.presence of microcystin (mc), a predominant freshwater algal toxin and a suspected liver carcinogen, in florida's freshwaters poses serious health threat to humans and aquatic species. being recalcitrant to conventional physical and chemical water treatment methods, biological methods of mc removal is widely researched. water samples collected from five sites of lake okeechobee (lo) frequently exposed to toxic microcystis blooms were used as inoculum for enrichment with microcystin lr (mc-lr) su ...201121611743
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