characteristics of the haemoproteid community in an expanding white-winged dove population.the haemoproteid community of 171 eastern white-winged doves (zenaida asiatica asiatica) from the expanding texas population was examined using thin blood smears. during summer 1997, heart blood was taken from doves within their historical breeding range (lower rio grande valley of texas), an intermediate region (san antonio and surrounding area), and the new breeding periphery (north central to southeast texas). two species were found: haemoproteus columbae and haemoproteus sacharovi. infracomm ...200212053983
effects of host and spatial factors on a haemoproteid community in mourning doves from western texas.two species of hematozoa, haemoproteus columbae and h. sacharovi, were observed on thin blood smears from populations of mourning doves (zenaida macroura) in the rolling plains (rp, a semiarid dryland farming and grazing area) and southern high plains (shp, an intensively cultivated and irrigated agricultural region with playa lakes) of western texas (usa). prevalences of h. columbae and h. sacharovi were 91 and 18% in doves from the rp (n = 44 doves examined) and 81 and 36% in those from thte s ...19902250318
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