igm antibody to treponema pallidum in cerebrospinal fluid of infants with congenital characterize the neonatal igg and igm response to specific treponema pallidum antigens in the cerebrospinal fluid (csf) of infants with congenital syphilis.19921415044
syphilis and aids.evidence is shown that syphilis has become a major public health problem again. from 1988 to 1995 the permanently growing number of new cases of syphilis in the world was observed. the majority of the syphilitic cases in the patients are difficult for curing. the central nervous system is often involved in early syphilis. previously the neurosyphilis was very rare. the reason for development of this stage of syphilis, may be an inadequate treatment as well as a weakening of the immunological res ...19969017148
acceptance of syphilis screening among residents of high-std-risk houston communities.the purpose of this study was to assess the rate of acceptance of street-intercept syphilis screening and to identify barriers to screening among residents of 2 houston communities with high rates of syphilis. each of 691 people who participated in a street-intercept survey about syphilis was offered a free syphilis test immediately after completion of the survey. acceptors of screening had blood drawn at the site of the interview, and blood samples were tested by rapid plasma reagin (rpr) and a ...200111589815
examining the direct costs and effectiveness of syphilis detection by selective screening and partner notification.selective screening and partner notification are two principal means of preventing and controlling syphilis in the united states, yet few studies have been undertaken to compare and evaluate the cost or effectiveness of detecting syphilis using either strategy. the objective of this paper is to assess from the perspective of a health department the cost-effectiveness of selective screening compared with the strategy of partner notification in the detection of early syphilis in houston, texas, in ...200111873899
pre-treatment syphilis titers: distribution and evaluation of their use to distinguish early from late latent syphilis and to prioritize contact investigations.treatment, contact investigation, and reporting decisions for syphilis cases are based on the stage of disease. because of limitations of current staging protocols, the rapid plasma reagin (rpr) titer has been proposed as an alternative priority marker for contact investigation.200919773682
ocular syphilis - eight jurisdictions, united states, 2014-2015.ocular syphilis, a manifestation of treponema pallidum infection, can cause a variety of ocular signs and symptoms, including eye redness, blurry vision, and vision loss. although syphilis is nationally notifiable, ocular manifestations are not reportable to cdc. syphilis rates have increased in the united states since 2000. after ocular syphilis clusters were reported in early 2015, cdc issued a clinical advisory (1) in april 2015 and published a description of the cases in october 2015 (2). be ...201627811837
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