interaction of human immunodeficiency and papilloma viruses: association with anal epithelial abnormality in homosexual men.during the 7th annual follow-up of our cohort of homosexual men in 1989, we tested the hypotheses that infection with human immunodeficiency virus (hiv) may enhance the expression of human papilloma virus (hpv) and that the development of anal epithelial abnormality is related to a biologic interaction between these two viruses. overall, 41 (39%) of the 105 men had anal swabs positive for one or more genotypes of hpv 6/11, 16/18 or 31/33/35. twenty-three (53%) of the 43 hiv-positive subjects har ...19902166710
characteristics of high-risk adolescent outpatients with treponemal antibody.this study analyzes variables associated with syphilis infection among adolescents attending a public medical clinic in the district of columbia. all adolescent clinic patients found to have treponema pallidum antibody from june 1, 1989 through june 1, 1990 were included in the study. medical records were reviewed for the following data: age, sex, presence or absence of court jurisdiction over the patient, chief complaint, concurrent infections, and the clinical stage of syphilis. the study popu ...19921404477
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