sexually transmitted diseases and sexual behaviour as risk factors for hiv-2 infection in bissau, guinea bissau.patients enrolled in a hospital-based case control study (n = 1009) and a follow-up study (n = 130) of hiv-2 infection in bissau were investigated with regard to sexual behaviour and sexually transmitted diseases (std). a history of genital ulcer was more frequent in hiv-2 infected male patients (46.4%, 13 out of 28) than in seronegative male patients (17.9%, 7 out of 39) (p = 0.05). serological evidence of a previous syphilitic infection was significantly related to hiv-2 infection (23%, 12 out ...19938399502
hiv-1, hiv-2, htlv-i/ii and treponema pallidum infections: incidence, prevalence, and hiv-2-associated mortality in an occupational cohort in guinea-bissau.the prevalence and incidence of human immunodeficiency virus types 1 and 2 (hiv-1, hiv-2), human t-lymphotropic virus types i and ii (htlv-i/ii), and syphilitic infections and the association between these infections were determined in a cohort of police officers in guinea-bissau. between january 1990 and december 1992, 1,384 subjects (1,241 men and 143 women) were included in the study; and of the first 879 tested, 561 were tested at least for a second time. the overall seroprevalence of hiv-1 ...19957600111
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