a survey of sexually transmitted diseases in five std clinics in papua new guinea.the first multicentre survey of sexually transmitted diseases (stds) performed in papua new guinea was conducted in std clinics in five towns, port moresby, goroka, rabaul, lae and daru, from september 1989 to may 1990. infections with neisseria gonorrhoeae and chlamydia trachomatis (alone or in combination) were common. penicillinase-producing n. gonorrhoeae (ppng) represented 44% of all gonococcal isolates but significant intrinsic resistance to penicillin was not found. of the other antibioti ...19947668052
a case-control study of vdrl-positive antenatal clinic attenders at the port moresby general hospital antenatal clinic and labour ward to determine outcomes, sociodemographic features and associated risk factors.between june 2001 and december 2002, 152 antenatal patients at port moresby general hospital who were venereal disease research laboratory (vdrl) serology positive and 150 unselected antenatal patients who tested negative were studied to determine the gestational age at which the tests were performed, the time it took for results to become available, the proportion of patients who received treatment, the sociodemographic characteristics associated with vdrl positivity and the effect of vdrl posi ...200819999305
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