lyme disease vector, ixodes dammini, (the northern deer tick) identified in prince edward island. 19892611921
isolation of the lyme disease spirochete, borrelia burgdorferi, from ixodes dammini (acari: ixodidae) collected on prince edward island, canada.studies were undertaken to monitor for the presence of borrelia burgdorferi, the etiologic agent of lyme disease, on prince edward island, canada. gut contents were removed for culturing from seven engorged ticks collected in 1991-1992 including five ixodes dammini (spielman, clifford, piesman & corwin) and two i. scapularis (say) removed from a dog that had recently traveled to the southern united states. b. burgdorferi was recovered from one i. dammini that had been removed from a cat in charl ...19921460625
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