detecting the cause of lyme disease in australia. 19911875848
novel borrelia species detected in echidna ticks, bothriocroton concolor, in date, little has been documented about microorganisms harboured within australian native ticks or their pathogenic potential. recently, a borrelia sp. related to the relapsing fever (rf) group was identified in a single tick removed from a wild echidna (tachyglossus aculeatus). the present study investigated the presence of borrelia in 97 bothriocroton concolor ticks parasitizing echidnas in queensland, new south wales, and victoria, australia, using nested pcr with borrelia-specific primers ...201627301754
lyme disease: a search for a causative agent in ticks in south-eastern australia.attempts were made to identify the causative organism of lyme disease in australia from possible tick vectors. ticks were collected in coastal areas of new south wales, australia, from localities associated with putative human infections. the ticks were dissected; a portion of the gut contents was examined for spirochaetes by microscopy, the remaining portion inoculated into culture media. the detection of spirochaetes in culture was performed using microscopy, and immunochemical and molecular ( ...19948150011
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