[lyme disease in khabarovsk territory].the natural foci of lyme's disease with the main vector ix. persulcatus tick have been detected in khabarovsk territory. five b. burgdorferi strains were isolated from the adult unfed ticks of this species, featuring 20% infection rate in the suburbs of khabarovsk. a wide spread of the infection in this territory is demonstrated. the authors describe the typical pattern of early stages of serologically documented disease.19892615716
prevalence of lyme disease spirochetes in ixodes persulcatus and wild rodents in far eastern russia.borrelia spirochetes were isolated from the adult ixodid tick (ixodes persulcatus) in three areas of far eastern russia, namely, khabarovsk, vladivostok, and yuzhno-sakhalinsk. borrelia infective rates of ticks in those areas were 24.5, 41.4, and 25.1%, respectively (total rate was 26.6%). spirochetes were also isolated from the tissues of small mammals captured at khabarovsk (infective rate was 20.8%). samples were classified by rrna gene restriction fragment length polymorphism (rflp) analysis ...19968837448
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