pretreatment of floodwater aedes habitats (dambos) in kenya with a sustained-release formulation of methoprene.effectiveness of sustained-release altosid pellets (4% ai methoprene) against floodwater mosquitoes in dambos treated at 5, 3, and 1 wk before and 1 day after flooding was determined. only 2% of aedes pupae (primarily aedes mcintoshi) survived to adults in an area treated 5 wk preflood, and no adult mosquitoes emerged from an area treated 1 day after flooding. in contrast, 12 and 16% of aedes pupae successfully survived to the adult stage in areas pretreated 3 and 1 wk, respectively, preflood. t ...19902098486
rift valley fever virus epidemic in kenya, 2006/2007: the entomologic december 2006, rift valley fever (rvf) was diagnosed in humans in garissa hospital, kenya and an outbreak reported affecting 11 districts. entomologic surveillance was performed in four districts to determine the epidemic/epizootic vectors of rvf virus (rvfv). approximately 297,000 mosquitoes were collected, 164,626 identified to species, 72,058 sorted into 3,003 pools and tested for rvfv by reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction. seventy-seven pools representing 10 species tested po ...201020682903
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